I finally got things worked out to start receiving payments from my Mom’s thrift plan that I inherited. The plan is currently worth $92,000. I have spent the last month dealing with the people there, with my access pin number repeatedly getting reset week after week. Last week after going off on some low level peon named Domenic , I demanded to speak with a manager. The manager called me back. My pin was reset again, and she made an appointment for the naxt week to call me back, after I had gotten the new pin in the mail. She called this morning, 20 minutes late, but I got the stuff with the account straightened out finally. I should start getting the payments via direct deposit in about a month, with payment spreadout over almost 5 years. I elected to have 25% witheld for federal taxes. I plan on investing most of it. I am mulling over different options, and want to talk with my CPA. Since I have a side business and make a bit a money from that, I may open a SEP, and try to max that out. I might also look at a Roth IRA. I already am maxing my 401k plan at work, and want to get as much of the thrift plan money growing tax deferred as possible.