The move to the Fidelity 401k is complete! I had checked the Fidelity 401k account yesterday morning, and it still showed a zero balance. But I got an email later in the morning saying it was up. I logged into the Fidelity 401k system, and expected to still see a zero balance, but was surprised to see my account had a balance of about $266,000! Cool! It was hovering around $250,000 before they started the move. And since I couldn’t access the accounts, I didn’t know it had gone up that much. I still need to get in there, do more research on the funds that are offered in the Fidelity 401k plan, and figure out what changes I want to make. I remember seeing one fund that looked promising. I might either replace the S&P 500 type fund with it, or maybe add it as a fifth fund.
I like the Fidelity 401k website much better than the Amvescap website. I haven’t spent much time exploring it yet, but it looks like it has a lot of features.