I was supposed to be getting braces on my teeth this afternoon, but I got a call yesterday saying that they would have to reschedule due to a family emergency. It is very frustrating as I had made the appointment over a month ago. I could have had the appointment sooner, but I wanted to schedule the appoint in the late afternoon, so following the appointment I could just go home, instead of back to work. So less than 24 hours before the appointment, they call to reschedule. If I wanted another late afternoon appointment, I would have to wait til October. I decided this time to settle for a 11am appointment. The orthodontist is 5 minutes from my house, but 30 minutes from my work, so I am going to have to be driving 30 minutes to work, 30 minutes to the orthodontist, 30 minutes back to work, then 30 minutes back home. That really sucks! It seems since the problem was on their end, they should have to bend to accomodate me. Why should I have to go to the end of the line because THEY had the problem? So now I have an appointment on Sept 27th.
I cashed in some stock options to pay for the braces, and that is where the only bit of good news comes in. The braces are going to cost close to $6000, but if I pay it up front on my credit card, I get a 4% discount, plus all the frequent flyer miles. But if I pay in cash or check, I get a 6% discount, and save over $100. I figure saving the $100+ is better than the 3000 air miles. Since the appoint is 3 weeks away, I am hoping to get my check for the options before then.