I mailed off my extimated tax payments today. $930 to the IRS, and $90 to New York state. I am glad I checked the dates. Just the other day it popped into my head that the due date might be coming up. I checked, and sure enough it was September 15th. I had just made a big payment on my credit card, and we had just made our mortgage payment, etc. But we managed to scrape together the money to pay the estimated tax payments on time. Our last payment snuck up on us, and we accidently paid it late. We had just paid our taxes AND estimated taxes in April. I was expecting the next due date to be three months later, but NOOOOO! The next due date was TWO months later in June! What is up with that? But whatever! Taxes suck! But at least as our taxes owed are going up, it means we are earning more money.