Now that I know I don’t have to cough up a big chunk of cash to pay taxes, I decided to invest a little bit. I still need to pay bills, including my credit card bill. But I figured I could spare a couple hundred dollars. I went to my brokerage account. I have gotten away from buying individual stocks. Some have donw good, others have done bad, and some are still middle of the road. My funds on the other hand have down pretty well. I like IYR, a REIT index fund. But it is not a good choice from my regular account due to the tax implecations. I currently have a couple ETF index funds in my regualr account. IJS (A small cap index fund) and EEM (an emegring markets index fund). I looked at buying $100 of each, but then changed my mind. I own a lot more of the IJS than I do the EEM in this account. Plus I own a small cap fund in my 401k. And I think I might own some inside my Roth IRA. So I decided to buy $200 worth of the EEM emerging markets fund. I still have one more free trade this month, so I may buy something else later. Maybe more of the EEM.