I placed an order for $2000 worth of EEM for my Roth IRA for the 2006 calendar year. This is my first order for the 2006 year in my Roth. We paid our taxes, and I had money left over. I still have to pay off my credit card. I applied for another credit card, and plan on transferring the balance. I will get a bunch of sea miles towards a Carnival Cruise on the new card. I also have to weight that against finance charges on the existing card by keeping the balance. Not sure. Hopefully the card comes soon. I just filled out the application less than a week ago aboard a Carnival Cruise ship. I have no doubts I will be approved.
Anyway, I chose, EEM as it has been one of my best performing funds. I will probably invest the next $2000 into IYR (a REIT index ETF).