I love the idea of early retirement! I am only 42 years old. I have been with the same company for about 16 years. When I think of being here for another 23 years to the age of 65…ugh! Even staying another 17 years to age 59 1/2…blech! So I keep wondering if early retirement is possible. I currently have almost a quarter million dollars in my 401k. If I was getting 10% returns, I would be getting $25,000 a year in interest, but the principal wouldn’t be growing, and would get eaten up by inflation. I also have money in my Roth IRA, and my wife’s Roth IRA. I have some web sites that produce income. I am not sure how much money I would need for early retirement. If I had a million dollars saved, at 10% returns, I would get interest of $100,000 a year. If I lived on less than that, the principal would continue to grow. But by the time I have a million dollars, the cost of living will have increased.
I want to have a lifestyle of financial freedom, and travel. I will continue to work on my sideline websites. If I can get enough revenue from them, and invest it, maybe I will actually be able to take early retirement. Then I can stay at home working on my websites. That would be fun.

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