A buddy of mine today was whining about Google saying repeatedly that Google sucks. His main complaint was that his pages weren’t in the top listings for relevant keywords, when they used to be. For years I have been telling him to get his own domain, but he hasn’t listened. He sticks with his site being on his local ISP. So he doesn’t get any stats. If he got stats he might be sureprised as to how much traffic he gets from Google, and what keywords people are using to find his page. Having his own might also boost his position in the SERPS (search engine results pages). But he doesn’t listen. He also complained that Google wasn’t giving him relevant search results anymore, and that Yahoo gave better results. He also complained that the Similar Pages didn’t return anything similar. Frankly I ahve never used the Similar Pages function, so I couldn’t care less.
For the first six months in the life of zero2rich.com, Google wouldn’t give my site the time of day. But then after six months I got in, then a month later I got in some more pages. Now Google is my top referer. And having access to stats, I can see the phrases and keywords that I am getting hits for. Are they the ones I thought I would be getting hits for? Not usually. But with access to the pages that get the most hits, and the keywords people are using, I can tweak my pages to add a few Amazon items here or there, or make similar pages, etc. Google does drive me a little nuts sometimes, but does it suck? No. Besides I am making a significant amount of money from Google Adsense, and making a little more all the time
So to my buddy…wahhhh wahhhhh!