I bought shares of Primewest Energy (PWI), a Canadian energy trust back in April. They pay a hefty dividend. First they pay monthly, and the annual yield is currently 13.32%. NICE! I got a dividend back in May, and then got one this month. My reports had been showing 10.649 chares, but then today, I noticed myAvaergage Purchase Price was zeroed out, and I only had 10.559 shares. I looked at the transaction history, and there were a bunch of dividend credits and debits in there. I called the help desk, and found out they double credited my dividend on the 15th. So yesterday, they apparently manually went in, back out both dividends, and credited me one, or something like that any way. It’s all very confusing. But it seems to add up. Glad I don’t need to tally it all for my tax records as it is in my Roth IRA. It would be a pain trying to figure out my cost basis!