I don’t own the stock, but I have tickets for a trip in a few weeks. Now they are talking Bankrupcty.
Several years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas, and we flew on Delta. We flew through Atlanta, to LV. The light to Atlanta was delayed due to weather, but they said don’t worry about the connecting flight, as flights out of Atlanta are delayed too. Well ours wasn’t, and we ran accross the airport to the next flight, and got there as they were getting ready to close the door. When we got the Las Vegas, we found that one of our bags was still in Atlanta. The Delta person asked where we were staying, and I told her that we were satying in Pahrump (about an hour out of Vegas), and asked if they would deliver the bag. I was told yes, they would deliver the bag to Pahrump in the morning, but to call in the morning. I called the next morning, and they said they couldn’t deliver it to Pahrump, and want me to drive into LV (2 hr round trip) to pick up the bag that they left in Atlanta. I told them that they said they would deliver it, and they finally agreed to deliver the bag that evening, which they did. On the flight home, we went through Detroit, or Cincinatti or some smaller airport like that. We were flying to Buffalo, but we had a 6 or 7 hour overnight layover. So we are haning out in the airport for all theat time by the gate. Beofre the flight, they switched gates, so we moved. Then the flight was delayed for a while (an hour?). We could have gotten vouchers, and caught a later flight, but we wanted to get home and get our dog out of the kennel that night. The flight left, got halfway to Buffalo, and then turned around, and went back to the original airport. We were told it was some mechanical problem. So now we have to wait for a plane side checked bags, and by the time we get inside, we are in the back of the line trying to get another flight. The people who got the vouchers got the next flight. The people ahead of us got earlier flights, but my wife and I got to sit in that crappy little airport for another 12 hours, to catch a flight to Albany, NY, to wait there for hours, and have yet another flight delayed there, and then fly to Buffalo. We didn’t get into Buffalo until around midnight after having spent over a day flying, or in airports, just trying to fly from Las Vegas to Buffalo. It was a really lousy experience made worse by the Delta people. I have had flight delays, and flight problems, but NEVER so many as that trip on Delta.
We haven’t flown on Delta since. I would have chosen another airline to fly on next month, but Delta was the only one that got me to Knoxville early enough to get where I am going when I need to be there. But watch em screw me up again.