Last week I got a new debit card inthe mail, and a few days later I got a new pin number. I wasn’t sure why I got it as my current card didn’t expire until December. Well okay, maybe they decided not to wait until the last minute this year. Then yesterday I was at the local grocery store, and my debit card wasn’t working. So I went ahead an used my credit card, and didn’t think more about it. I just thought the bank was having problems. Last night at home I found an unopened letter from the bank telling me that my card had been replaced be cause some ATM company had been let some of my information out somehow! I have had several cards replaced now for this same reason! I wish these guys would get their act together! I read about companies doing such moronic things as using waste paper to print notes on and send them out with bundles of newpaper, not realizing that on the side of the waste paper are subscriber’s credit card numbers! In these days of identity theft, and shredding pretty much any scrap of peper that has my name on it, I have companies that I do business withy, either losing my information, or giving it away, or selling it! All that, and I have to memorize a new pin number! A-holes!