I have figured out why the credit card/debit card readers at Home Depot (HD) are awkward, and why I have hit cancel accidentally a few times. With most similar card readers, after you sign your name, or enter your pin number, you hit the ‘accept’ button in the upper right corner. On the Home Depot readers, you have to hit the button in the upper left corner. This is not user friendly as you sign your name from left to right, it makes more sense to have the button on the right, instead of having to go back over to the left and hit the button.

But the card readers at BJ’s Wholesale (BJ) gas pumps really suck! The programming is horrible. I can’t count how many times I have had problems with these things. Often after running my card it will say something like please wait, then I will have to wait a minute or more. Then it will tell me to scan my card again. I will get my card out again, and re-scan it, only to have the machine tell me transaction cancelled. Then I will have to wait 30 seconds or a minute for the machine to reset for me to start the whole thing over again. ALL THIS while there are lines at the gas pump! Then another problem is that often when I run my credit card through, it will ask me if I want a receipt. I press the NO button, but it just seems to wait as if I didn’t press anything. I will press again, but still nothing. Eventually the machine will go on, but after pumping gas, it will ask me again if I want a receipt. The readers at BJ’s gas pumps are the worst I think I have ever encountered!!!