It’s been a busy week. Haven’t had any extra money to invest, but hopefully next week. I got my credit card bill yesterday that I had been waiting for, so hopefully I will send off a payment of over $3500 to bring the balance to ZERO! YEAH!!!

I am waiting for payment of almost $100 from an eBay auction, but I think I may be getting stiffed. That sucks!

I have been listening to a book on tape called Get Your Share: A Guide to Striking It Rich in the Stock Market by Julie Stav. The book is targeted at women, but I figured I give it a shot. I do NOT recommend this book. Some of the stuff on fundamental analysis might usefull, but then she goes off into technical analysis. She contradicts herself all over the place. She tells you how experts can’t predict the direction of the market, but then tells you how you can. She puts you on the course of chasing the hot stocks, in the hot markets. I think it would be dangerous to follow a lot of the sutff in this book.

I am eager to buy some more shares of something. The week has been wierd. I bought more of Red Robin, but of course it goes down. I thought about buying more Target or Dicks Sporting Goods but didn’t and of course they go up. Oh well. I am looking at buying some shares of Cabelas (CAB). They sell hunting and fishing stuff through a catalog. They are starting to build some retail centers similar to Bass Pro Shops. Cabelas went public less than a year ago with stock going for $27. The stock now is less than $19. The comany has been around for a long time before they ever went public, and seems to have been doing well. I have bought stuff from them, and have been happy with it. I have been in one of the Bass Pro Shop stores, and the place was packed. If Cabelas can successfully get into this area, and think they will do well. Now is probably a good time to get in. The stock may continue to drop more, but I could alway buy more. I believe it will eventually be going up with gusto (might take a few years).

I should be getting a check for about $150 from Google in the next few weeks for my adsense ads. Google still hasn’t indexed my site. I will invest the money.

I had a problem with some spam messages being posted from some scuz buckets at an online poker place. I was deleting the comments, buy were still showing up. I found I had a bug in the wordpress theme I am using. A newer version fixed the bug, and the links to the spammers site were removed.

I am wondering what the market will do today.