Grumble! I spent over half an hour tonight shredding credit card applications, auto insurance offers, cash advances, and home equity loan offers. Then there are the investment oriented junk mails. I can’t just throw them away as someone might come along, raid our garbage, and steal them, fill them out, and borrow money in our names. Identify theft and fraud is rapant these days! Some of them include checks for large sums of money that if you cash them, indebts you for life, or signs you up for some service that you don;t need, but costs a lot more than the check you got. And these credit card companies send the junk mails every month, maybe more! So by the end of every month there is pile of the stuff to shred! Our shredder will only shred 5 pages, so I can’t just shove the whole thing in there. I have to open each and every one, and put the main copy with the name and address on in the shredder. The other stuff goes into the recycle bin. When the shredder is full, I dump the cross shredded paper into my compost bin. So much wasted time!