Creating wealth is a simple process. It’s really not hard, but takes patience, discipline, and perseverance.

Creating wealth happens by spending less than you earn. Investing the difference, and letting your money grow. Look at your money as the seeds of wealth. If you wastes those seeds on junk, then they are gone. They won’t grow into wealth. The more seeds you plant (invest), the better your chances of creating wealth.
Creating wealth doesn’t come from luck. But the more you put into creating wealth, the more you will see luck coming your way. I have read some stuff about becoming a wealth magnet. As you keep creating the conditions for wealth to grow, the luckier you will seem to get. The money will start to come from odd places.
Opportunities will appear. As you start to take advantage of some of the opportunities, others will appear. The money will come.

Heres the formula for creating wealth:
Spend less than you earn. Invest the difference. Work on spending less, and earning more. Keep investing the difference. Thats really all there is to creating wealth! Pretty simple.