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How many zeros are there in one million?
401k withdrawl rules
How to make money blogging
Stock options-cashless exercise
OTC Market Digest
Taxes are done!
Intelligent Investor Report
Sold Canadian energy trusts
Rich Dad Education
401k employer match increase
Sold stocks to pay for college
Sell stocks to pay for school
Why aren't people under 21 allowed to have 401k plans?
Latin America Fund-invested some more
Selling Advance Auto Parts (AAP)
Home Business Connection
Bought Latin America index fund (ILF)
Latin America Index Fund
My 401k plan
Paying Taxes
Got tax return from CPA
Emerging markets index fund
Tax refund!
Tax return
Bought more small caps (IJS) and emerging markets (EEM) funds
Asset allocation seminar
Money making model
Thrift plan reinstated? and -
My 401k getting close to $300K!!!!
Multiple income streams
Blog for money
Home business
Tax time again!
Blog not making money
2007 401k limits
Double income/single income
Black Friday
Will new blog make money?
Broad based stock options
4X Made Easy
4X Made Easy Workshop part 2
Free gas card
Special thanks to: Arthur Andersen, Enron, Adelphia, Cendant, HealthSound, WorldCom
Teach Me To Trade-part 2
Teach Me To Trade-part 1
Teach Me To Trade infomercial
StoresOnline-Internet Marketing Conference
Estimated tax
Investment portfolio 9/1/2006
Investment portfolio 7/12/06
Internet Income Training
Tax refund
Web site earnings are up
Protecting old buildings versus new business
Amazon web site down...
Don Lapre - Making Money Package
Bull market? Bear market?
Bought EEM (an emerging markets ETF) = =
Term life insurance
Fidelity 401k
401k rules
Make Money At Home Online - Internet=Fast Money
Canadian energy trusts
Gold stocks
2007 IRA contribution limit
2006 Roth IRA contibution limit
2007 Roth IRA contibution limit
2006 401k limits
Lowes earnings!
Self directed IRA
Making money online
No load mutual funds
Cheap stocks
Ethanol stocks
Walmart stock
Simple IRA contribution limits
Roth 401k
Unclaimed money
John Beck
Warren Buffett
Emerging markets
Carnival credit card
Investment in rental property
Russ Whitney
Russ Whitney free seminar
New York Stock Exchange
Work at home scams
Investing seminars
The Millionaire Next Door
Millionaire Mind
Tax diversification
Early mortgage payoff?
Sold Citibank stock remnant
Warren Buffett giving away fortune to charity
Dogs Of The Dow
Multiple Streams Of Income
Index funds vs actively managed funds
Why the rich get richer
Make money on eBay
Free credit reports
Are investment advisers required to have credentials?
What should I do if the financial professional claims that he or she is "certified"?
How do I find out whether an investment adviser ever had problems with a government regulator or has a disciplinary history?
What questions should I ask when choosing an investment adviser or financial planner?
Do investment advisers have to register with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission?
How do investment advisers get paid?
What is the difference between an investment adviser and a financial planner?
What is an investment adviser?
New domain!
MSN Search hates me now!
Kenneth Lay dead-no justice!
Switched 401k to index funds
Average retirement savings
The Millionaire Conference
Evil money evil credit
Research oil stocks
Yahoo Finance message boards
Hard money funding
John Mackey - say what?
Las Vegas investment property
Make money-home based business
Rollover 401k into IRA?
What is a Roth IRA?
Help with investing
Rollover 401k into IRA
How to make a fortune on the stock markets
College investment funds
Oil stocks
1929 crash of stock market
Enron trial verdict
Sold IYR
401k rebalance
401k loans
Achieve financial freedom
Ordered IJS
Money in the bank
Best investments
Dividend reinvestment
Early retirement
Online Trading
Mutual funds
How can I get rich?
Stock tips
Online broker
Free stock quotes
Rule of 72
David Bach
Socially responsible investing
Making money on the internet
Savings bonds
Stock investing
Tax Liens
Wade Cook
Tax accountant
Solar stocks
Stock splits
Money magazine
REVIEW-Winning The Loser's Game by Charles D. Ellis
Retirement planning
Stock market portfolio 5/9/2006
Ordered $2000 of IYR (REIT index fund) for my Roth IRA
Residual income
401k plan rollovers
Stock trading
Financial software
Lost savings bonds
Stock options
Found money
How to make money
Financial freedom
Financial aid
Real estate investing
Investment property
Get out of credit card debt!
Renewable energy investment
Mail in rebates
Jim Cramer-Mad Money
Best mutual funds
Peter Lynch
Creating Wealth
Exchange traded fund investments
Eight Rules For ETF Success
Financial Seminar with William Danko, Bob Kittell, Robert Bluhm, Lynn Alder, and Wayne Gray
Wayne Gray on tax liens
401k retirement plans and best investments
Roth IRA rules
Money to invest
Stock market investing
Four year presidential stock market cycle
Investing in REITs
Gold Investing
What is an IRA?
How does a Roth IRA work?
2006 IRA contribution limit
401k Fidelity account
IRA vs 401k?
Real Estate investing advice
How to retire rich!
Tax lien investing
Watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer's new Mad Money buzz word-Momentum
Bob Kittell on stock trading
Robert Bluhm on asset protection
Earnings history of stocks
Affirmations Based on "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
Rollover into IRA or new employer 401k?
Is it good to invest in stocks?
Got Amazon & Google payments
My credit card application was approved
$100 gas rebate checks - how stupid is this?
Yesterday was down, but today is up.
Investment portfolio - 4/23/2006
EEM - Emerging Markets ETF
Grow Richer As Your Competition Gets Tougher
What It Means To Be Rich
The Dangers Of Get Rich Quick Schemes -And Other Money Pits
A Simple Get Rich Quick Idea
Your Own Products Can Make You Rich
Trading in my credit card (air miles for sea miles)
Why Do you Want to Get Rich with Your Own Home-Based Business?
Blessing the Money You Spend
An Economical Retirement Investment Plan
I wonder what my neighbors think of me..
The Role Of Gold Bullion Coins In Your Portfolio
Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coins (Part 2)
Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coins (Part 1)
Gold Heading to $1,000 an Ounce: 13 Reasons Why This Can Happen
Gold Doesn't Just Glitter
Investing in Gold
Playing the Stock Market with Gold and Silver
Finding Low Interest Credit
My Neighbor Got A New Car
Personal Debt Reduction Practices
All Fortunes Begin With an Idea!
12 Tips For Getting The Most Value From The Cashflow 101 Game
The Person With The Most Money Wins!
Will today be the day?
A Guide to Dividends and Reinvestment
Professional Stock Investment Advice - Most Common Trading Mistakes
Avoiding Forex-Related Frauds & Scams
Quit and Grow Rich
401K-Quarter million dollars so close now!
Tax return done! Yeah!
WOW! 401k flying to a quarter million! Almost there!
The Truth About Flipping Real Estate
Eight Rules For ETF Success
Debit card replaced due to incompetence
CPA is working on tax return-making me nervous!
401k closing in on quarter of a million dollars!
Record day in Google Adsense Earnings!
Plastic Debt
How to Make a Living Online - and How Not To!
Refinancing Costs - What To Expect
Be Relentless
Why's It Taking So Long?
Money Equals Love
First Time Real Estate Purchase
Affirming Money
Buying Investment Property
Stop Throwing Away Your Tax Refund!
Investment Advisors 101... ask some questions.
How To Recognize And Avoid Risky Investments
Why Residual Income
A Guide to Common Stock Market Terms
Avoiding Common Stock Market Scams
Speculators and Speculation
Making Money from Your Hobbies
The Key to Building Wealth
Defining Bull and Bear Markets
Encouraging Your Children to Save Money
The 10 Rules for Successful Tax-Free Income Investing
What the heck is Forex?
Avoiding Credit Card Fees
What Is A 401(K) Plan?
The Advantages of Airline Credit Cards
How IRAs work
10 Principles for the Common Sense Investor
Is There Really a Magic Formula for Investing?
Money Can't Buy Happiness, But...
The Number One Work At Home Scam Explained
Using the Stock Market to Plan for Retirement
What Diversification Is, and Why It's Important
Ways to Save for Your Retirement
Debt Consolidation Scam Claims Repayment Unnecessary
Rapid Refunds Rapidly Take Your Money
A Lesson At The Flea Market
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tax Software
How To Choose The Right Accountant
How To Make Money On The Internet
Saving with Certificates of Deposit
Finding Online Financial Advice
What Happened To My Money?
How to Deal with Cyclical Stocks
Traditional IRAs: Still A Good Idea for 2006
Don’t Knock Taking Your Employer Stock
Does The Early Bird Get The Worm?
What Is A Tax Lien And When It Is Used?
Early Distributions From Retirement Plans
Start Saving Money...Now!
Benefiting Substantially From Your IRA Early
Overcoming a Bad Credit History
Tips On Reducing Your Current Debt
All I See Is Growth... How About You?
Exercise Can Make You Wealthy
Debt Settlement, Debt Management, Debt Termination – What's the Right Choice?
How Many Years Do You Have Left Until You're 65?
Learn To Be Wisely Frugal But Selectively Extravagant!
Debt Consolidation – Relief Is In Site But Can It Be Trusted?
Investment Strategy: The Investor's Creed, and "Smart Cash"
Money Rolls Downhill!
Millionaire Wealth Building Is Not Rocket Science
Determining Your Financial Freedom Goal
Life or Lifestyle?
The Top 10 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire
Is Active Trading The Answer?
How to Avoid the Post-Holiday Financial Blues
Investing, Are You Ready?
Income Investing: Selecting the Right Stuff
Getting Started With Online Investing
Investing on a Budget
Intro to Investing
Investing and Financial Planning
Investing in Stocks and the Game of Monopoly
Investing: The Art Of Making Your Money Work For You
When It Comes To Investing, Leave Your Emotions Out Of It
Sitcom Investing
How to Find Value in No Load Mutual Fund Investing
Could a Roth IRA be Better Than a 401(k)?
5 Simple Steps: Earn an EASY ROTH-IRA Million!!!
How to Maximize Your 401k Mutual Fund Returns
Building The Foundation For Wealth
Don't look to Social Security for Retirement: Get a 401(k)
Retirement Myths
Wealth, Money And Getting Filthy Rich 101
Why There Are No Customers Yachts
A Guide to Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio
Defining a Long-Term Investment in the Stock Market
Risk and Reward
Taking Full Advantage Of Your 401(k) – How Well Do You Know Your Plan
Take Advantage of Higher IRA "Catch-up" Limits
Changing Jobs? Don’t let your 401(k) slip away
Investors: Avoid These 5 Common Tax Mistakes
Thinking About Early Retirement? 10-Minute Quiz Determines Your Readiness
Budgeting For Prosperity
Eight Ways to Consolidate Debt
Tips On Reducing Your Current Debt
Borrowing Money to Consolidate Debt
A Guide to Home Equity Lines of Credit
Does Early Mortgage Repayment Still Make Sense?
Find a Methodology and Minimize Investment Madness
A Guide to Saving for Retirement
Investing Wisely – The Way to Riches
Dividend Reinvestment
What Dividends Are and When They're Issued
Six Steps to Guarantee Your Business Success
Boring investing is good investing!
What is Adsense Article System In A Box?
May have gotten my Mom's thrift plan straightened out
AdSense is acting weird today!
Google AdSense is really starting to ROCK!
Free online book for book collectors!
Stocks, IRA's and 401k as of 3/15/2006
Google: Manic-depressive on crack?
Creating a new Wordpress Theme for Google AdSense
Just ordered What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense by Joel Comm
Waiting for tax information from CPA
I cashed in some more stock options
My site's back up!
Marketing email from Borland
Stocks and Roth IRA portfolio as of 2/22/2006
Letter regarding $71000 total disbursement
What happened to the Enron trial?
Met a nice girl at the post office
What if we stop buying oil from the Middle East?
Google seems to have unindexed many of my pages
Learned my lesson-don't remotely edit a plugin!
I just got $73000! I shouldn't have!
Stocks taking hits Amazon (AMZN), Red Robin (RRGB), Google (GOOG)
wp-shortstat plugin and Wordpress 2.0 (wp2)
I upgraded to Wordpress 2.0
401k hit new milestone $240,000!
Blackberry shutdown does not include government workers?
Placed an order for $200 worth of Google (GOOG) stock
Coinstar-pay 8.9% for your own money!
Google (GOOG) got hammered!
Portfolio (stocks,IRA's,401k) as of 1/31/2006
Budget Rent A Car is harassing me!
2005: Maxed out two Roth IRA's and a 401k!
What is your integrity worth?
MS Outlook calendar sucks!
Ordered another $200 worth of Amazon (AMZN)
Ordered $1000 worth of EEM (iShares Emerging Markets ETF)
Justice finally coming! Enron's Kenneth Lay & Jeffrey Skilling going on trial
My Amazon Associates payment has not been sent yet
Stocks, IRA's, 401k as of 1/27/2006
Spoofed eBay and PayPal phishing emails...what happens with them?
I'm not counting on Social Security
Ford punishes employees for not driving Fords
Waiting for my $1767.46 Amazon deposit
Conflicting investing advice
Favorite Investing Books
Why General Motors (GM) cars suck!
Now listening to: Bill Staton-The Seven Secrets to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire : Multiply Your Wealth Faster Than the Experts
Strange letter from Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL)
Tax Software (TurboTax, TaxCut, etc) versus Accountant (CPA)
Watched Mad Money with Jim Cramer again! (MSNBC)
Adjusted my 401k contribution for 2006 limit of $15,000.
Stocks and mutual funds as of 1/18/2006
Bought over $1800 more shares of IYR (a REIT index fund)
Sold my Michaels (MIK) and PetsMart (PETM) stock
Japanese stock exchange (Nikkei) dumped. Ours probably will too...
401k changing from Amvescap (formerly Invesco) to Fidelity
Google Adsense earnings increasing!
Markets are closed for MLK day...considering changes
Had a busy semi-productive weekend
Blogspot is now blacklisted because of spam!
My 401k topped $235000!
The Water Is Wide (Pat Conroy) movie to be on CBS January 29, 2006
Placed an order for $300 of Red Robin (RRGB)
Red Robin (RRGB) stock dropped like a rock!
Stocks and mutual funds as of 1/6/2006
Placed an order for $200 of (AMZN) and $200 of Google (GOOG)
Portfolio as of 1/4/2006
Going to re-focus on my goal of getting rich
Wow! My 401k hit a new high!
Too late to mail in Office Max rebates
Busy New Years Weekend
Red Robin (RRGB) coming to my town!
Credit card applications and home equity loans!
I am being slammed by online casinos!
Questionable service at Red Robin
Identity Theft via Jury Duty scam
Does Google Suck?
Stocks and funds portfolio as of 12/12/05
Motley Fool nothing but spammers!
Stocks and funds as of 12/1/2005
BookStealer-Cool tool for book collecting
1001 Ways To Cut Your Expenses
George Foreman is a genius! His George Foreman Grills are great!
My new Acer notebook computer has a flickering screen!
Black Friday shopping! Bought some great bargains!
I gave Humane Society too much money!
Exercised stock options to pay for stove
Wordpress theme hack to add meta tags for description and keywords from title
Stock portfolio as of 11/21/2005
Stocks and funds ended on 11/17/2005
Amazon (AMZN) up, Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS) up, Target (TGT) down!
REVIEW-The Craft Of Investing by John Train
REVIEW-Charles Schwab's Guide to Financial Independence
REVIEW-Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher
REVIEW-Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach
REVIEW-7 Money Mantras for a Richer Life by Michelle Singletary
REVIEW-The Motley Fool Investment Guide by David & Tom Gardner
REVIEW-The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton
REVIEW: Discover the Wealth Within You : A Financial Plan For Creating a Rich and Fulfilling Life by Ric Edelman
REVIEW-The Motley Fool - Money-Making Life-Changing Special
Stock portfolio back in black!
Wordpress comment spam from Blogspot
Stocks and funds as of 11/7/2005
Red Robin (RRGB) stock upgraded-Jumps over 10%!!!
Tweeking my theme for Google Adsense
Moved my Google Sitemap
Sold some company stock options
Stocks and funds as of 10/28/05
Indexed in Google and getting traffic!
Amazon (AMZN) stock dropped like a rock today!
Stock portfolio as of 10/25/05
Bought $1000 worth of IYR (DJ US Real Estate Index Fund).
Received payment from Amazon for Associate Program
Convinced friends to try Red Robin (RRGB) for lunch
Our local Red Robin (RRGB) opened yesterday!
Stocks and mutual funds as of 10/7/05
Ordered $1000 worth IYR (REIT index fund) for my wife's Roth IRA
Bought $1000 of IJJ S&P Mid Cap 400/BARRA value iShares fund
We set up a Roth IRA for my wife
My Amazon earnings down, Black & Decker stock maybe? Dividends.
Stocks and funds as of 10/3/05 is FINALLY in Google!
Stock portfolio as of 9/28/05
My Advance Auto Parts (AAP) stock split 3/2! Way Cool!
I added a Google sitemap and turned on Permalinks
Got payment for options, paid taxes, looking at buying a lathe
Going to try a different theme for Google!!!
Credit card readers at Home Depot (HD) and BJ's Wholesale (BJ)
I donated $50 to The Humane Society!
My 401k has hit an all time high!
Bought $100 of Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS) and Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB)
Stock Portfolio as of 9/6/05
Exercised options, getting braces delayed but saving money
Stock Portfolio as of 8/30
Lost more money today.
My portfolio is bleeding red!!!!
Ouch! Red Robin (RRGB) dropped 24%!!!
Ouch! My stock portfolio blew chunks today!
Portfolio as of 8/2/05
Portfolio as of 7/29/05
Got paid, bought Dicks Sporting Goods(DKS), eBay (EBAY), Lowes (LOW), PetsMart (PETM), Target (TGT)
401k as of 7/28/05
Portfolio as of 7/28/05
Sold Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW)
Put an order in for more eBay (EBAY).
Portfolio as of 7/27/05
Delta (DAL) going to screw me up again?
Virus writer given suspended sentence and 30 hours of community service?
Portfolio as of 7/19/05
Bought more Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGH) and Primewest Energy Trust (PWI)
I sold off my iShares Energy Sector ETF (IYE)
401k as of 7/8/05
Portfolio as of 7/8/05 (nice UP day!)
Portfolio as of 7/7/05
I bought PetsMart (PETM), Advance Auto Parts (AAP), and Michaels (MIK)
Apparent terrorist attacks in London-Market set to drop
Portfolio as of 7/6/05
Cashed the stock options check, and bought more IYR (a REIT index fund).
Bought iShares S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Value (IJS) for my Roth IRA
Portfolio as of 7/1/05
Bought Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW)
Former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers to forfeit almost all assets
Transaction: Bought Lowes (LOW)
Dividend goof leaves me scratching head
I own a home...or do I?
Investing research at Valvoline Instant Oil Change?
Today's transaction-Sold DVY (select dividend fund) and bought more IYR (US Real Estate Index Fund)
Portfolio as of 6/20/05
Dennis Kozlowski found guilty!
Portfolio as of 6/15/05
Do I really need more financial services?
Bernard Ebbers seeks leniency
I placed an order for more Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS)
Changes to my 401k!
Two steps forward, one step back...
Portfolio as of 6/3/05
I bought some more Lowes (LOW) stock
Portfolio as of 5/18/05
I bought some more Advance Auto Parts (AAP)
Arthur Andersen conviction overturned by high court
Invest in Google (GOOG) stock?
Portfolio as of 5/27/05
Transaction-I bought Michaels Stores (MIK)
Bulls and Bears, ETFs splitting, Public Storage (PSA), Panera Bread(PNRA), Google Adsense and Amazon, and stuff!
Portfolio as of 5/19/05
I sold Coke (KO), and ordered more Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL), Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS), and Target (TGT)
Sold Citigroup (C), General Electric (GE), Merck (MRK), SBC Communications (SBC), Verizon (VZ)
Bought Advance Auto Parts (AAP), Lowes (LOW), and Cabela's (CAB)
Portfolio as of 5/13/05
Change of plan! I cancelled my Lowes (LOW) order, and ordered Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS) instead
Transaction-I ordered Lowes (LOW)
Credit card, eBay non-paying bidder, book on tape, new stocks, dropping market, etc...
Portfolio as of 5/5/05
Why I chose the funds I did for my Roth IRA
Bought more Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB)
Yet another transaction today: bought $500 worth of Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS)
Another Transaction: Placed order to buy $500 worth of Red Robin Gormet Burgers (RRGB)
Red Robin (RRGB) versus Panera Bread (PNRA)
Cleaning up my portfolio-selling VTI and IJT
Portfolio as of 5/4/05
Today's Transaction-I bought $1000 of EEM (emerging markets fund) $500 of IYR (A REIT index fund)
MCI (MCIP): Verizon (VZ) or Qwest (Q)?
Advance Auto Parts (AAP) versus The AutoZone (AZO)
David Bach, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Wall Street, Google, and Friday!
Portfolio as of 4/28/05
Lowes (LOW) versus Target (TGT)
Transaction-I sold General Motors (GM) and bought Target (TGT)
Transaction-I am selling General Motors (GM)!
Portfolio as of 4/27/05
Got paid! I ordered Amazon (AMZN) and Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL)
Amazon (AMZN) dropped like a rock. Still no payment!
Today's Transaction-I bought eBay (EBAY)
Buy eBay (EBAY) or Google (GOOG) or both?
Did Martha Stewart violate house arrest?
Going to see William Danko today!
Continuing Saga Of The EE Savings Bonds
Portfolio as of 4/21/05
Today's Transaction-I bought Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL)
Today's Transaction-I bought
Interesting site:
Another day in the wacky world of Wall Street!
What will the Stock Market do today?
Buy And Hold Portfolio as of 4/13/05
Today's Transaction
Today's Transaction
Cashed bonds and waiting for deposit to clear
Looking for next investment
Yesterday's stuff
Refund from the dentist!
Todays transaction
Watched Jim Cramer's Mad Money again
I was going to pay my taxes today but...
Bought more IYR and am paying taxes!
Buy And Hold Portfolio as of 4/5/05
I ordered Quicken!
Got some dividends!
I got my Roth IRA set up!
Today's transaction
I got free tickets to a financial seminar in the mail!!
Market took a dump today!
Buy And Hold Portfolio as of 3/24/05
Welcome back!

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