As I previously wrote, I sent in form PDF1048 for the Treasury Dept to search for bonds that my Mom had, but that we did not locate. I checked that I wanted the bonds cashed, and toe send me the check. I had it notarized, and included supporting documentation, and a cover letter explaing the situation. I got a letter from them in the mail yesterday saying they found two bonds in my mom’s name. Great! But the letter also said “If these bonds are missing, please let us know.” Apparently the morons didn’t read my cover letter stating that all the bonds we had found had been cashed or transferred. So obviously they were missing. That was the whole point of filling out form PDF 1048. So I called the number on the letterhead of the letter, which put me through the Federal Reserve Bank. They tell me they are not the ones who sent the letter, and that the Treasury Dept forwards the calls to them, but they are unable to help me! Arrgghh! They said I could email the Treasury Dept. SO I fired off an email to them. Then I went online and found a phone number for the a different department of the Treasury Dept, and call them. They gave me another phone number. I called that, and was forwarded, and finally talked to someone in the right group. But she told me that that are probably going to send me yet another form that I have to fill out and sign, and jump through yet more hoops! Savings bonds are such a pain!!!! If you really want to annoy your beneficarys, buy savings bonds! They are low interest, pains in the butt!!!!