David Bach suggests in his books such as Start Late Finish Rich that I use a perfect pie approach investing 1/3 in stocks, 1/3 in bonds, and 1/3 in real estate. He suggests the stock portion of your perfect pie include equal parts of DIAMONDS Trust, Series 1 (DIA), SPDRs (SPY), NASDAQ 100 Trust Series 1 (QQQQ), and DVY.

Bill Staton suggests in The Seven Secrets to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire that stocks are the way to go and that I should avoid funds. He has a list of America’s Finest Companies that he will be happy to sell me.

Chuck Carlson says in his book Eight Steps to Seven Figures that it really doesn’t matter what stocks I invest in, just that I do buy stocks.

Charles D. Ellis in Winning The Loser’s Game says that I can’t beat the market, so I should just join it, and buy index funds.

Wade Cook suggested all kinds of crazy things such as trading stocks, and options, and that trading on margin is a good thing. Didn’t he go to jail or was sued or something?

Jim Cramer wants me to watch his TV show, and buy what he buys, and sell what he sells along with the rest of his followers.

I don’t think the folks at Motley Fool care what I invest in as long as I buy their products.

Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko in their book The Millionaire Next Door don’t so much give me investment advise so much as to suggest that I be frugal and invest as much as I can.

Is it any wonder I am an investing mess?