Some people look at collectibles as investments. Collectibles make lousy investments! Think of all the people who dumped money into Beany Babies! Beany Babies cost pennies to make, and the company was cranking them out. The prices skyrocketed. Now you can pick them up at garage sales for almost nothing!
What about baseball cards. The prices skyrocketed, then dropped. The market was flooded with cards. Unless you have very old and desireable cards, say a Mickey Mantle rookie card, forget about it.
How about comic books? I own a bunch of comic books. I used to buy the price guides. The price guides would show how much the comics were selling for. I was interested in buying some older Marvel comics, such as Daredevil. I had some more contemporary comics that the price guides said were worth money. I took them to a couple comic stores, and they had no interest at all. So much for comics as investments. Maybe if you have an Action Comics #1, or Detective Comics #27.
How about artwork? I was on a cruise about 10 years ago. They had just started doing art auctions. My wife and I bought a Sandu Liberman print. It was an artist poof. We paid severa hundred dollars. I have seen the same print selling on eBay for a fraction of the price. At least we like it as artwork. I have read about paintings that used to be worth a bunch of money, now aren’t, because tastes have changed.
Maybe books? I own a lot of books. Some are valueable, some aren’t. I have seen prices go up and down. Books there were selling for good prices on eBay, not aren’t. Also I have seen some books that used to be relatively cheap on eBay, jump in price.
Buyers are fickle. Unless you are a psychic, investing in collectibles if a bad idea.
Also, collectibles are not very liquid. You have to wait for the right buyer to come along if you want to get a decent price.
Another problem with collectibles is that they are perishable. Say you have a rare comic book is pristine condition. An accidental tear to the cover, a leaky roof, or a house fire, and the price is reduced or gone altogether. And there is no guarentee that there will be a market for your collectible when you go to sell.
Collectibles are not worthy investments!