I have had my company’s stock in my 401k since I started my 401k 14 years ago. The stock was great for the first 8 or 9 years. It has been sucking for the last 5 years though. I have reduced the amount of the the stock in my portfolio over time, and have added to other funds such as the S&P500.

This is a list of the funds that are available to me in my 401k:
Premier Portfolio
Pimco Low Duration (PTLAX)
Pimco Total Return Admin (PTRAX)
American Funds American Balanc (ABALX)
Aim Basic Value (GTVLX )
Invesco 500 Index Trust
Oppenheimer Cap Appreciation (OPTFX)
Dreyfus Mid Cap Index (PESPX)
Royce Low Priced Stock (RYLPX)
Aim International Growth (AIIEX)
Aim Total Return Fund (FSFLX)
Aim Small Company Growth Fund (FIEGX)
Stock in my company

Yesterday I made a change to my 401k account to dump all of my company stock (in my 401k), and rebalance to the other 4 funds. So now I will have:
25% S&P500 index fund
25% S&P mid-cap index fund
25% Royce low-price stock fund
25% AIM International growth fund.

I still have some holdings on my company’s stock in my stock purchase plan, as well as some stock options.