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Using the proceeds from my sale of Advance Auto Parts, I invested another almost $1300 in iShares Latin America Index ETF (ILF). ILF has been doing very well over the last 5 years. I believe that there is a ton of growth going on in Latin America. I have visited several countries in Central America, and the growth of the economy there is very evident.
In my regular brokerage account, and my Roth IRA, I try to invest in things that I don’t have access to in my 401k. In my 401k I have part of my money invested in an international fund. But in my Roth IRA, and my regualr acount, and I have money invested in an emerging markets fund (EEM), and just started investing in the Latin America Fund. ILF has outperformed even EEM which has done quite well for me. So I am excited to see what the ILF ETF will do.

I have been thinkibg aout it for a while now. I have been switch from buying individual stocks to buying funds. My funds have done better than my individual stocks. I just am not great at picking stocks. I do plan on holding onto some of them. The ones that I think are industry leaders and will be around for a long time. While I like Advance Auto Parts, they are not unique in their field. The are a several auto parts stores around here AutoZone, and Parts Plus. Of the auto parts places around here, I do like Advance Auto Parts the best.
I remember hearing a question about whether you thought a comapny would be around in 10 years. AAP Will probably be around, but who knows. I don’t have the faith in them that I might Target or eBay.
So I decided to sell the AAP stock today, and move the money into a fund. Maybe ILF?
I will be looking through my other stocks. I want to simplify my portfolio a bit.

My google payment came today. It was a little over $1000. I decided to invest some of it. I might invest some more after I find out how much is left after bills. With my wife only working part time these day, we don’t have as much money coming in.
Anyway, I have been wanting to invest in Latin America for a while. I think that there is a huge potential for growth down there. I had wanted to invest some money down there before, but with the brokerage I use, I was limited to individual countries. I don’t know enough about individual countries down there. I wanted to invest in Latin America as a whole. I ended up buying a bunch of EEM, and emerging markets fund that has been very good for me.
I found an index fund that is a S&P Latin America 40 index fund. Great! So I can get exposure to Latin America in an index fund. This fund has had even better returns than the EEM emerging markets fund that has been so good to me. So I investes $300 in ILF. I will probably buy some more in the upcoming months. I get two free trades a month, and I want to make sure I use them!

Now that I know I don’t have to cough up a big chunk of cash to pay taxes, I decided to invest a little bit. I still need to pay bills, including my credit card bill. But I figured I could spare a couple hundred dollars. I went to my brokerage account. I have gotten away from buying individual stocks. Some have donw good, others have done bad, and some are still middle of the road. My funds on the other hand have down pretty well. I like IYR, a REIT index fund. But it is not a good choice from my regular account due to the tax implecations. I currently have a couple ETF index funds in my regualr account. IJS (A small cap index fund) and EEM (an emegring markets index fund). I looked at buying $100 of each, but then changed my mind. I own a lot more of the IJS than I do the EEM in this account. Plus I own a small cap fund in my 401k. And I think I might own some inside my Roth IRA. So I decided to buy $200 worth of the EEM emerging markets fund. I still have one more free trade this month, so I may buy something else later. Maybe more of the EEM.

I have been lax in my investing lately. I am paying my monthly fee for my Buy & Hold account which entitles me to 2 free trades. I am going to try to start using those even if I only invest a small amount. I bought $100 of ISHARES s&P SMALLCAP 600 VALUE INDEX FUND (IJS) and also $100 of ISHARES MSCI EMERGING MARKETS INDEX (EEM). I own a bunch of individual stocks in my regular brokerage account, and they up, down, and even. I have done much better with the ETFs in my Roth IRA than I have with individual stocks. So I decided a while ago that any more purchases would be funds. Thoughts of selling some of the individual stocks, and converting the money to funds has crossed my mind. But the thoughts of having to do the tax work of figuring out the cost basis has put me off. I still need to sit down and do the cost basis for a few stocks I sold last year. Also, I want to make sure I hold these stocks for at least year so I pay only long term capital gains taxes, and not short term. Anyway, they are all pretty stable companies, so I am not too worried.

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