I like my new Carnival credit card. I looks a lot nicer than the boring AAdvantage card I am replacing. I transferred the balance, and am pay 0 APR, but I am paying most of that off today, and will pay the rest of it off next month. Credit card balances can be tricky, and sneak up on you when you are not looking. I had it down to zero at one point, and I will get back down there again. The cruise we took in April got the balance up.
But I will get Sea Miles for the transferred balance, and will be far more likely to use them then the air miles with American Airlines. Also I get 1 mile per dollar as opposed to the 1 mile per 2 dollars the other card.
We already tentatively planning another Carnival cruise in 2008. And I will get more miles if I purchase the cruise using my Carnival credit card. Not sure how many miles I need for a free cruise. I will find out.
I think I will be okay if I pay regular expenses using the card, as long as I pay off the balance every month.