I have been a customer of BuyAndHold.com for a couple years now. Overall I have been pretty happy with them. They charge me about $7 a month for my account, and I get two free window trades a month. Trades after that are only $2.99 each. But having the two free window trades every month encourages me to invest at least something since they are a use them or lose them thing. I alos opened a Roth IRA with them.
But in the last day, they have been ticking me off a little bit. I want to but some more ILF (a Latin America index fund). Yesterday I logged on to their website, but when I went to do anything, it kept making me log in again. I called them, and was told that they had had a power outage, and that it would be up sometime after 3pm. So I figured out quickly that I would be able to enter a window trade for the 3-4pm window. I was able to log on last night. And I was able to log on earlier this morning. But a little while ago I went to log on to look at setting up the window trade to buy the ILF, and found the site was down. I called them and was told they had a power outage this morning. WHAT? Again? How many power outages are they having? Don’t they have backup power? The company I work for has generators, and power filters, etc. And they have two of everything for redundancy!
It makes me a little nervous that I can’t access my account. I will have to watch the situation. If this crap keeps up, I will move my account someplace else!