I should be getting a check from Amazon for about $5000 anytime now. I am going to pay $3700 towards my credit card to bring the balance to $0! Woo Hoo!!! I owe my CPA $600 for doing my taxes (includes some stuff for my Mom’s estate). That’ll leave me with about $700 to invest. I have been looking at both eBay and Google because I use both regularly and had made money from both. eBay by selling stuff, and Google from Google Adsense, and by the traffic they bring to my sites for people to buy other stuff. The numbers are intesting. Both have pretty high PEs, but Google’s is higher. The forward PEs are both pretty closer. Google’s future earning’s estimates are higher. But as I look at the companys themselves, I think that eBay has been around longer, and has weathered competition from Yahoo Auctions, and Amazon Auctions, and wasn’t even touched. They only got stronger. Google on the other hand faced more serious threat from competition. Even Microsoft is gunning for them. Before I used Google, I used Alta Vista, and where are they now? Another thing to consider is that this page has been up for over a month and a half. Google has visted it a few times, but has yet to include it in their index. Even the guy who’s blog overwrote mine has his site index in Google. My only guess is that maybe Google visited during the few days when my page was down due to being overwritten. I am not sure. If I think about which company most likely will still be going strong in 10 years, the nod has to go to eBay. So at this point I am leaning to buying eBay, or buying eBay and small position in Google.