Last week was pretty cool! Most of my stocks were up significantly. This week they are dropping back down some, but over all I am still fairly well up.
I was just reading that some of my ETF funds will be splitting. Not sure what will happen yet. I have seen company stocks split, and then go up, but since the values of the ETF shares are based on the underlying stocks, which probably wont be splitting, I don’t expect anything to happen, other than I will have a larger number of shares at a lower value. Still, it will be cool to have a larger number of shares!
I am still keeping my out for investment ideas. After listening to one book on tape (I don’t remember which one), the author talked about buying boring companys. I started thinked, and storage places jumped into my head. They are pretty boring. I did a search and found Public Storage (PSA). The growth numbers weren’t anything special, but the price of the stock has been rising at a steady rate over it’s life. How does a 40% gain in a couple years sound? Sounds pretty good to me. So I amy buy some shares when I get some extra money. I ate at Panera Bread again today. I had the Frontega Chicken and the Brocholi Cheddar soup. These are very good. Much better than the Asiago Roast Beef sandwich, and the Caesar Salad that I had on my first visit. I may buy some shares in this place yet.
Google Adsense earnings have been doing really good this month. I added Adsense banners to some of my Amazon stores, and this is getting me some more clicks. My Amazon store sales have been down lately (before I even added the Adsense banners). I was concerned that the banners might be drawin people away from my stores, but looking at the small number of clicks, they are not lead too many people away, and money from clicks, versus money from clicks and then buying is a little easier. I am hoping the drop in Amazon sales is just a seasonal thing!