If I looked at my Roth IRA, I might think we are in bull market. If I look at my regular brokerage account, then I might think we are in a bear market. My Roth IRA is invested in funds, and they are all up. My regular account has mostly stocks, and they almost all down. The one exception Dick’s Sporting Goods which is up some from where I bought it, but not alot.
Part of me looks at the lower prices int he stocks, and thinks about buying more. But part of me looks at it, and thinks I suck at picking stocks, and should stick to funds. What I have been doing in my account is new purchases are funds such as IJS or EEM. But I am not selling the other stocks.They are all in pretty solid companies. I believe they are all good investments for the long run. I don’t know. SO I guess I will continue on the path.