I rented a Budget Rent A Car back in August, and scratched up the corner of front bumper a little bit. I was covered in full by my insurance campnny (Allstate). I got a claim number before I ever even returned the car. I gave them my insurance info when I turned the car in. I thought I was all set. I did end up witha few calls to both Budget and Allstate describing the incident.
About a month ago I got a big fat package in the mail with blurry photos and estimates and a bill for $605.34. I called Allstate who told me this was called subjigation package or something like that. Maybe subligation? They told me it should have gone to them. I called Budget again, and again gave them my insurance info. Yesterday I got another letter from Budget saying they hadn’t recieved my payment, and attached a bill. I called Allstate and found a check had been cut on 1/26, and mailed on 1/27, though Budget hadn’t cashed it yet. I called Budget, and they said that it wasn’t a bill that I recieved, and that it was copy of what was sent to Allstate. Bulls**t! It was a bill, and didn’t mention Allstate on there at all. I am guessing Allstate doesn’t pay claims to rental car companies using Visa, Mastercard , American Express or Diner’s Club which are the payment options listed in the bill. Now I am going to wait to see if I get another more threatening letter from Budget Rent A Car threatening to turn me over to a collection agency.