I went to my company’s annual employee meeting this last week, and found out that we are going to recieve another round of broad based stock options. Funny, the grant price is about 40 cent cheaper than the broad based stock options that were granted 2 years ago. The vesting schedule is 20% per year until fully vested after 5 years. This is I think the 5th round of stock option grants. I don’t think any of them will be nearly as valuable as the first round which netted me over $20,000. There was a time when it didn’t seem unreasonable that the stock options would climb to well over $100,000. But that was when the stock price had climbed to over $60 a share. But then we joined the S&P 500, and then 9/11, and Enron, etc. The stock price tanked. It is slowly climbing back up. We’ll see if these things end up being worth much. I have 10 years to cash em in.