Yesterday when I sold my small stakes in a couple ETFs to clean up my portfolio a bit, I netted about $480. I then bought $500 worth of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB) and $500 worth of Dick’s Sporting Goods. I thought the $480 would be going to the purchase, but found the $480 sitting as cash in my account, while my bank account will be hit for the $1000. Oh well. So instead of having the $480 sitting there on the sidelines, I decided to invest it. I was originally looking at buy more eBay, and actually placed the order. But as eBay climbed over 2% in premarket, I decided today wasn’t the day. So I looked through the other stuff I own, and decided to add to my holdings in Red Robin. I placed the order for the 10am-11am window. As the market opened, Red Robin began to climb. It rose 90+ cents, and then began to fall again. Wouldn’t you know that my purchase went through at the absolute peak! That kind of sucks. I am buying it for long term, but still. I paid an extra 1% for the stock. If the purchase had happened 30 minutes before or 30 minutes later, I would have had 1% more shares.