I got my tax returns all addressed, and filled out the return receipt requested and certified mail forms. My wife is going to take them to the post office later this morning. Thats done!
My transfer of $450 from PayPal completed today, so I put in an order for $1000 worth of iShares DJ US Real Estate Index (IYR) which is a REIT index fund, to go into my Roth IRA for the 2004 year. My 401k is worth around $190,000 all in invested in stock based mutual funds. So I am trying to diversify a bit by investing in Real Estate via the REIT index fund. It is currently paying 4.6% dividends, and the value has done much better than the S&P 500. The dividends will all be reinvested tax-free in the Roth IRA. As soon as the $816 check I deposited clears, I will invest another $1000 into the Roth, but I am not sure in what. I might try another ETF which is in the energy sector and has also had great returns versus the S&P500. I expect this investment to be in the next day or two. I have a bunch of auctions on eBay that close this weekend, and depending on how well they do, and how fast I get the payments, I might be able to squeeze in another $500 into the Roth before April 15th and get it into the 2004 year.