My google payment came today. It was a little over $1000. I decided to invest some of it. I might invest some more after I find out how much is left after bills. With my wife only working part time these day, we don’t have as much money coming in.
Anyway, I have been wanting to invest in Latin America for a while. I think that there is a huge potential for growth down there. I had wanted to invest some money down there before, but with the brokerage I use, I was limited to individual countries. I don’t know enough about individual countries down there. I wanted to invest in Latin America as a whole. I ended up buying a bunch of EEM, and emerging markets fund that has been very good for me.
I found an index fund that is a S&P Latin America 40 index fund. Great! So I can get exposure to Latin America in an index fund. This fund has had even better returns than the EEM emerging markets fund that has been so good to me. So I investes $300 in ILF. I will probably buy some more in the upcoming months. I get two free trades a month, and I want to make sure I use them!