I have a couple free trades for this month, so I decided to buy at least something. In my regular brokerage account, almost EVERYTHING is in the red, except for Dick’s Sporting Goods. I considered buying some more IJS (a small cap value ETF) which is down some. But then I decided to buy a little bit of EEM in my regular account. I bought $100 worth. I own a bunch of EEM in both my Roth IRA and my wife’s Roth IRA. It has been doing pretty well, but it is a little down from where it had been. So I decided to buy some. My Roth IRA is Maxed out for 2006, but my wife’s isn’t. So will probably later this month buy some more shares of something in her Roth IRA. Maybe some more IYR (A REIT index ETF). I really like IYR.
I have another free trade in my regular account, so I might buy another $100 worth of something or other.