I have been reading some articles about investing. Many were posted by a single guy who was bashing Buy And Hold. He was also saying that dollar cost averaging is only good if the stock is always rising. He also didn’t seem to be too high on funds either. Buy and Hold is boring. Dollar cost averaging is dull. Mutual funds are mundane. But you know what? They make money! Trading loses money! Trading is not investing, it is gambling! It is human nature for the brain to lock on to the successes, and dismiss the failures. Traders remember their winners, and tuck the losers into closet. I have made almost a quarter of a million dollars in my 401k investing in aggressive funds over time. My few forays into trading, I have lost money. In fact my funds have out performed even my individual stocks!
Here is a strategy that works: Pick a handful of funds, and invest some money into them every month! This is a easiest, surest way to get rich!