I want to get my wife involved in doing blogs, and making money. I suggested several blogs that she could do that would probably do very well. Some of the ideas were a blog about depression, or a blog about weight loss. But she didn’t like either of these. I am sure they were have both been successful money makers. She wanted to do a blog about our dog. A blog written by our dog. Okaaayy… I didn’t think it would be a big money maker, but I thought it might make a little bit. She said she could use her creative juices. She would have to do the posts though. She did some posts. I even did a few posts. But then she stopped making any posts. There are less than 20 posts on the blog. It made a little over 40 cents in January. That sucks considering the blog site cost over $7 a month in hosting fees! When the site comes up for renewal, I am going to just let it expire. Or maybe I will tear down the blog, and put up a store site of some sort. Maybe list dog books or something. But I am not going to keep it as is, as a money loser.
Running a blog doesn’t take much time. A few minutes a day can quickly build up a sizable blog that can make $500-$2000 a year. And if you have multiple blogs, you can be making a nice amount of money. And the cool thing about websites like these, is that you write a page, it might continue making you money for a long time! But some people I guess are happier sitting wasting time playing Solitaire or Gameboy.