I recently talked a friend into starting a blog. I convinced her that she could make money by doing a blog. She had a small blog over at MySpace, but I told her to register a domain, and get some webspace so she could have more control over her blog. So she did it. I worked with her on coming up with a name that would appeal to search engines, and would be a potential money maker. Her new site will be WeightLossMommy.com. The focus of the site will be for her to talk bout how she is working on losing weight after having two children. Seeing that I have about half a dozen blogs of my own, and all making money, I think I know a little bit about it. I am guessing that her blog, once it gets going, will make between $500-$2000 a year. But it could easily make more. The neat thing about blogs is that they are easy to maintain. Just make a post every day, or every week, or when ever. I have one blog that I haven’t posted on since last year, and it is still making me money. I have a travel site that really only gets posted on when I travel, and it is steadily making me money.
I am starting to think about what new blog I can set up that will have good potential to make money. Once you have one going, it is really easy to repeat the process and set up yet another, and another blog.
And since it is hard to write a lot about one topic, it is nice to have multiple blogs. The search engines like blogs that are more focused. So I will try to focus each blog on a relatively narrow topic. It also has the benefit that instead of writing 20 posts on one site a day, you can spread them around, and add a post or two to each individual blog.
One thing I noticed, is that my blogs ebb and flow. Sometimes one blog will be doing really well, and another will slow down. Then a couple months later, they reverse, and the one that was slow is now doing great, and the other has slowed down. So that is another reason to have multiple blogs, thus multiple sources of income!