Yesterday was a weird day. Half of my stuff went up, and the other half went down. Not sure what today is going to do. My Coca Cola (KO) stock was way up in the pre-market, but is settling down as the market open approaches. I read that they are going to be doing a $2 billion stock buy-back. Their earnings are down from a year ago, but they beat earnings estimates, so who knows. I may buy some more. If they buy back some of their outstanding shares, the value of the remaining shares goes up. And I think they are a solid company.
I transferred $400 from my paypal account which should show up at my back in a few days, then I will invest it. My efforts to sell my old books through Amazon has seen some progress. I have sold 7 books in the last 2 days, though they are all cheap books. It is progress. I need to spend time listing more online. Meanwhile my Amazon stores are slowing down. They slowed down in second quarter last year also. At this rate, I will not even hit $2500 for the quarter. My traffic has not dropped, just the number of orders. My Google Adsense has been improving, even on this site. For some reason Google has not added this site to thier index yet, even though they have crawled it a couple times. Maybe they don’t like blogs, or there is something on my site they don’t like? Not sure. The traffic would be helpfull.