Seeing as the federal government was nice enough to raise the 401k contribution limit to $15,000 for 2006, I raised my contribution percentage. Last year I contributed $13,895.99, just short of the $14,000 limit. I would have liked to have hit the $14,000 exactly. I can only select whole number percentages. And if I go over the $14,000, then I will start to lose out of my campany’s matching (50% of my contributions up to 6%). I also get some extra pay through out the year, so that makes it harder to figure out. Maybe this year as I get towards the end of the year, I will contact our human resources and see if they have ideas of how I can adjust my contributions to hit the max. Maybe on the last pay period, I set it to 100% so it will stick in as much as it can, and then I will get the rest as regular pay. I will just have to remember to reset it back afterward.