I saw a brief commercial on the TV this morning for a website 93moneypower.com. That domain name reminds me a lot of the 17makethemoney.com domain name for another commercial I saw weeks ago. Related?
The 93moneypower.com domain seems to belong to a place called Home Business Connection. A search on the name “Home Business Connection” brought up another website http://www.homebusinessconnection.com. Same guys?

On the 93moneypower.com web site they want to you to complete a survey, and they will hook you up with 5 home businesses. The questions are very similar to the ones I answered on the 17makethemoney.com web site.

A DNS lookup showed that 93moneypower.com was registered by Diamond Media, and that homebusinessconnection.com was registered by Cutting Edge Media? Related? Diamonds are often used for cutting edges…