Who are these guys? I originally saw a commercial for 17makethemoney.com. I wanted to get the free DVD, but for some reason I didn’t. I think they wanted to charge shipping, or make you pay for the DVD if you kept it, or something like that. I am not sure. I know I didn’t like that the guy called me at home. If I sign up for a free DVD, just send me a free DVD. I don’t want to talk to anyone at that point.
Then the other day I saw a commercial for 61makethemoney.com (maybe it 63makethemoney.com). Huh? I went to the sites and found they are the same. Then I started playing around, and found that it looks like all the domains from 1makethemoney.com to 99makethemoney.com are the same website. I didn’t test every number, but all of the ones I test came up with the same website. “What could extra income do for your family?” Why in the world would they make 99 different domains for the same website? They seem to have something to do with starting your own business. Maybe they sell these web sites? So maybe Joe Blow buys 63makethemoney.com, then he pays for a commercials, and gets a ton of traffic. He gives away the free dvds, and then the people turn around sell 64makethemoney.com, then 65makethemoney.com? I don’t know. It’s kind of flakey whatever these guys are doing.