continued from part 1…

Now he got into how to make money by Forex trading using the 4X Made Easy software. The 4x Made Easy software measures buying and selling pressure. It uses easy to follow signals of when to buy and when to sell. On the first page, there are red and green arrows. There are seven different arrows for each major pair, in time periods of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. First you look at the day/week/month arrows. Day traders want the day arrow to be green. Mid term investors want the day and week arrows to be green. And long term investors want the day/week/month arrows to be green. The you look at the other arrows (minutes for current pressure). You want them to be green too.
Then you would click on the day/week/month arrow that fits your trading style. You will now get a chart. There are a red line (selling pressure) and a green line (buying pressure). You analyze this chart using the FAST method. FAST is short for (Fresh cross, Angle, Separation, Timing). Look for the green line to have move above the red line. Then look for the green line to be at an angle of 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock. Space will appear between the red line and the green line. Wait for the red line to move to a parallel angle to the green line. Then it will be time to buy. When the red line crosses the green line, then it is time to sell.
You will need to have a brokerage account. And you pay for trades when you buy, but not when you sell. The brokers take their money in PIPs. So buying would cost 1-5 PIPs.
He then ran the software and did some demo trades. Of course it looked easy, and there were already a couple previously purchased currencies in there that appeared to have made money already.
The market is open 6 days a week, 24 hours day. He discussed the best times to trade (when the forex market is active), such as 8-10pm (EDT), 2-4am (EDT), and 7-9am (EDT). This is morning in various international timezones.
Then he discussed the software. It is only for Windows, and not Mac. You need an internet connection, preferably high speed. You will need to subscribe to a data feed. eSignal is $250/month, or you can get 4xFeed for $99.95/month, with the first 30 days free.
There were other various things such as 4X Talk live audio broadcast, free support, and upgrades.
The software cost $3,995, but if you bought at the workshop, you would get it for $2,995, plus the training class, and the free month of data feed, and the 6 DVD training series all thrown in.

Some things that weren’t addressed were that leverage works both ways. I am guessing that if you invest $1000 to control $100,000, that it is possible to lose more than the $1000 if things go terribly wrong.

And if it is so easy to make money such as in their examples, and they can turn $1000 into $6000 in a month. Why are they selling the software, and teaching classes? If I could multiply my money by 6 every month, I’d own the frigging world in no time. Let’s look at this progression:
Month 1. $1,000
Month 2. $6,000
Month 3. $36,000
Month 4. $216,000
Month 5. $1,296,000
Month 6. $7,776,000
Month 7. $46,656,000
Month 8… My calculator won’t go that high.

In about a half year by reinvesting the money over and over, you would have almost $50 million. In a couple more months you would have over a billion dollars. If it is so easy, why are they not just raking in the bucks themselves?