I decided to do a 401k rebalance. Some of my funds were significantly higher than other funds in my 401k. And when we switched from Amvescap to Fidelity, our available funds changed. They moved us in to roughly equivalent funds at fidelity. I was going to add in American Funds Growth Fund of America (RGAEX) which has been doing quite well. I would have divided my balance into 20% each. But then I decided to drop the S&P 500, and stick with just the 4 funds, all that have been outperforming the S&P 500. So I am investing in the most aggressive funds available to me in my 401k. This strategy has been working for me very well so far. The 401k rebalance should take place sometime after the market closes.
So my new 401k balance would be:
25% American Funds Growth Fund (RGAEX)
25% Victory Special Value Fund (SSVSX)
25% Oppenheimer Main Street Small Cap Fund (OPMSX)
25% American Funds Europacific Growth Fund (REREX)