Yesterday’s market was a mixed mess. It started down, then by the end of the day some things were up, and some were down. My 401k ended less than a thousand dollars from the quarter million dollar mark. Maybe today.

We had a guy from Fidelity in our work yesterday to talk about our 401k’s. They are moving from Amvescap to Fidelity at the end of April. The guy pretty much just reiterated what was in the literature. But think many people never bothered to read the stuff. I currently have my 401k invested in four funds. They will automatically move my money from these four funds, into four similar funds that Fidelity manages. I graphed out the funds, and for the most part, the new funds track my old funds. One exception is the move from Dreyfus S&P Midcap Index Fund (PESPX) to Victory Special Value Fund (SSVSX). They track pretty well except for some reason the Victory Special Value Fund took a major dump, dropping over 15% back in October 2004, while the Dreyfus S&P Midcap Index Fund didn’t. In fact the Dreyfus fund seemed to go up. They continue tracking after that, except the Victory Fund is drastically lower. It seems that if the two funds followed similar strategies, they would have similar results. So what happened in October 2004? Did the Victory fund have stakes in a bunch of companies that failed, while the Dreyfus fund did not? I asked the guy from Fidelity, but he couldn’t tell me what happened in October 04.


Name Value
INVESCO 500 INDEX TRUST $55,878.86
Total $249,161.51