Following the horrible experience with my previous hosting service, I transfered all my sites to a new hosting service. Here I have a dedicated server, and am actually paying less money per year for it. And a benefit of having a dedicated server is that I can add new websites for only the cost of registering a new domain.
With the lower cost of a new website, I have been scratching my head for what new webistes I want to create. I finally created a site for my car called Green Car MPG. I also registered a domain, and put up a site to sell my shareware program.
I want to try an experiment. I had done something on this website a few years ago that brought my earnings up to the highest they had been, before they plummeted to nothing. I had created some new themes, and a plugin that pointed to this site. I don’t want to damage this site. But I created a new site called How To Make Money Blogging. I have some stuff on there right now, and will continue adding information. I have a the crawlpage plugin available for download. I am also looking at adding the themes designed for Google Adsense ads.
Anyway, if you are looking for information about how to set up a blog, and make money blogging, visit my new How To Make Money Blogging site at: