Today’s Black Friday shopping sucked! I showed up at Circuit City before 4am, and there was already a long line. When the doors opened at 5am, the place was packed! I got the 250gb external drive for $40 (after rebates). I will use this as a backup device for Norton Ghost to write to. I tried to get the Season 1&2 Northern Exposure DVD for $12.99, but there didn’t seem to be any. The box didn’t look like it had been gone through yet…I just think they didn’t have any to begin with! I got a 1gb SD flash cardfor $2.99 (after rebates). I also got a 2gb SD card for $28. I got some DVD media for free after rebate. And also an X-Men last stand DVD for $9. There was more stuff on my list, but I just couldn’t find them in the store, or get to them. The check out lines were LOOOOOONNG! I didn’t get out of the store til 6:40.
I went to Target. I found a Family Guy Vol 3 DVD for $16, but I didn’t want to wait in the check out line that wrapped around the inside of the store for a couple things. I left.
I ended up going to Home Depot & Lowes to pick up some stuff I needed for a project. No long lines at these places.
I took an early lunch and bought a 24 sheet (strip) shredder on sale for $80 at Staples (to shred all those stinking credit card apps without having to open them!). And a Whistler radar detector at Radio Shack for $30.

It was not fun! I normally have fun, but today was not fun. Too crowded this year. I don’t know why. Some people said because of the nice weather.