Today was the first day that the new index funds became available within my 401k plan. So I switched my investments and contributions over to the index funds. The newly available index funds have dine as well or better than the actively managed funds that I was in.
I switched:

from Victory Special Value Fund-Class A to Dreyfus Mid-Cap Index Fund

from Oppenheimer Main Street Small Cap Fund-Class A to Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund

from American Funds-EuroPacific-Class R4 to Spartan International Index Fund-Investor Class.

I left my investments in the American Funds Growth Fund Of America-Class R4.

I don’t want to be cynical, but it is interesting that these index funds became available less than two months after we switched from Amvescap to Fidelity. Our funds were switched from the Amvescap funds (a lot of index funds) to the Fidelity funds (mostly actively managed). The switch was all done automatically. Many people might not have bother reading the literature that said that the index funds were going to be available. Many may not bother switching their funds over from the actively managed funds to the index funds. So Fidelity will make more money in management fees. I would rather take a fund that does a fraction of a percentage better due to lower fees. Those small fractions add up to a lot of money over time! I want every advantage I can get. And if it takes me ten minutes to switch my funds, so what!