People are alway looking for ways to make money. They search Google with search terms like “make money fast at home”, “make money at home idea”, “make money at home internet”, and “make money fast from home”.
Making money online is easy. I am talking real money! It just takes time. The more time you invest, the more money you will make. As they say, Time Is Money. People waste time like it is worthless. But time is your most valuable resource! The time you spend watching TV, or playing video games could be spent making money.
There are different ways to make money. You can work a job, and get paid a fixed amount for an hour. That kind of sucks! You work an hour, and you get paid for it once, and that is it.
You could start your business selling something. eBay is a great opportunity for this. Many people have started their home based business buying and selling stuff on eBay. They go to garage sales, auctions, thrift stores buying stuff, then re-selling it on eBay. This takes time to learn about a niche. You need to learn about a particular type of product that you can find cheap, and that you can sell for more online. But the limitation of this is that you can only sell an item once.
Another way is to do work and have it continue making money over time. You need to find opportunities to invest your time so that you will continue to get paid for it. The internet is great for this. Here are the steps to set up a website that will make money:
1. Think about the things that you know something about.
2. Now find which of these have decent paying advertising opportunities.
3. Find which of these gets decent traffic
4. Find which ones have limited competition on the internet.
5. Build a website based on the best topic.
6. Spend your time creating original content.
7. Make money.
8. Repeat.
First, you should pick something that you know about. Maybe make a list of your hobbies, and the stuff you do on your job. Research how much each pays in advertising. Advertising for something like Home Mortgages would likely pay more than advertising for something like Book Reviews. But if you don’t know anything about Home Mortgages, it is hard to write about them.
If you pick a topic like Golf, you might find it pays well in advertising. You will find that it gets a ton of traffic. But you will find there are a ton of websites about golf. Narrow the topic. How about left handed golf. Or how about golf courses in the Caribbean. Do these narrowed topics still get traffic? You don’t need a ton of traffic, just decent CONSISTANT traffic.
Now start writing. Content is king! The more content you have on your website, the money it will likely make. If you write an article about golfing on a particular course on St. Thomas, and put it online, it may continue to make you money for years. Just a little bit of money, but it adds up over time. The faster you write QUALITY CONTENT, the faster you will make money. Once your site gets imbedded in the search engines, you will start making money. Continue to improve your site. Make it more search engine friendly. Work to get more links to your site. Build new and different sites. Learn how to make more money from your sites. Continue to improve. The money come faster and faster!
So instead of sitting watching TV, think about what you can be doing to make money. Any time you waste cannot be retrieved. Try to do a little bit EVERY DAY to improve your money making potential.