I have been seeing an infomercial on TV for a free real estate investing seminar with Russ Whitney. They have really been pushing it in the last few days. I thought it would be interesting, but saw they were on Tuesday and Wednesday. Figuring they would be during the day when I was at work, I didn’t give a lot of thought to the seminar. But then I decided to check it out, and saw that they have evening seminars too. So I signed up for one of the evening seminars. I recieved a confirmation email yet though.
It should be interesting. I love free seminars. Most free seminars are pitches for expensive paid seminars, and I am guessing this one will be the same. I wonder if Russ Whitney will actually be there. When I went to the Millionaire Conference, the gurus were there pitching their stuff. When I went to the Wade Cook seminar, Wade Cook wasn’t actually there, but some of his people were the ones doing the seminar. So who knows.