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Affirmations Based on “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Bill Marshall

I’m sure most of you have heard of, and perhaps read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it along with his book “Cashflow Quadrant.” Both of the books are simplistic and introductory by design. But there are some important concepts that Kiyosaki highlights that are fundamental to accumulating wealth. Here are a number of Power Affirmations that I have created based on studying his material.

One of the reasons I prefer creating power affirmations instead of just notes is that they focus my mind on the positive application of the knowledge and not just the knowledge itself. By conditioning my mind to take positive action on what I learn, positive results eventually follow.

Here some of the affirmations:

My financial intelligence is now increasing everyday. Financial intelligence is more important than money.

1) I now create regular, positive cashflow. I create money.

2) Through controlling cash producing assets whose cash exceeds my living expenses, I am on the Fast Track to unlimited abundance.

3) I don’t work for money, I make my money work hard for me.

4) I regularly study accounting and investing.

5) Today I choose to be wealthy. I choose to use my ideas and money to create ever increasing wealth and abundance.

6) I study and learn about money from people who are already wealthy.

7) When I come across an investment worth making, I ask myself “HOW can I afford it?” I am a possibility thinker.

8) My thoughts create new wealth generating opportunities everyday.

9) I study so that I can find good companies to buy.

10) I increase my wealth by following strategies to manage risk.

11) I pay myself first. I always pay my bills, but I pay myself first.

12) I am financially self-reliant. Through creative intelligence and planning, I now create new wealth far beyond my personal needs.

13) I write strong and sound business plans that create successful businesses that create jobs for others. I create wealth for myself and for other people.

About The Author

Copyright (c) 2005 Bill Marshall – All rights reserved. Feel free to republish this article provided you include the copyright information and the weblinks where possible.

For practical self-improvement tips, visit Get my new free e-book, “Power Affirmations: Power Positive Conditioning for Your Subconscious Mind”.

Grow Richer As Your Competition Gets Tougher by Roy Primm

“The market is getting crowded

It’s getting harder to compete;

The path to take is clouded

Which profit path should I seek;

I’ll stand firm and take on tough competition

I won’t run away from my mission,

I’ll grow stronger as I intelligently compete.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Internet is getting more and more crowded and competitive. Big business is coming, small business is coming and home based businesses are coming by the droves.

The Internet is like the modern day gold rush on steroids! Everyone is searching for the elusive pot of online gold. Droves of people and businesses are triping over each other to stake their piece of cyberspace territory.

The competition is as fierce as it has ever been. Every business you can imagine (and some you can’t) compete for a slice of the online market pie. It’s getting less profitable trying to search for untapped markets with little competition.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a market, product or service with little or no competition, what happens? As soon as you’re mildly successful droves of people move in and copy, steal or cut in on you quicker than you can say copycat.

Now the key to success is to learn how to grow richer as your competition gets tougher. "Is that possible you ask?" I can answer that with a resounding yes! With today’s highly competitive climate it’s a matter of survival to have the skills to compete in a tough online climate.

Pay close attention and I’ll reveal 3 ways to grow richer as your competition gets tougher. Not by competing head to head with others – but competing intelligently, strategically, and systematically.

I’ll show you how to bullet-proof your business against larger competition.

Here are 3 Keys To Grow Richer as Your Competition Gets Tougher!

1. Look for change.

Wherever you see change, opportunity is not far behind. Because many people resist change, delay change or try to ignore change; this could signal an open opportunity for you. Change always seems to thin out the competition.

If you can be one of the first to embrace one of the opportunities change always creates before your competition, that could propel you ahead. If you’re a small business you have a unique advantage over your larger competitors. You can move on changes faster. Yes, while the larger companies are holding endless meetings, getting approvals and issuing memos you can act on changes, contact customers and execute ideas.

2. Can you personalize it?

This is the age of personalization. With most products and services mass produced and more businesses offering one size fits all services, more people are starting to crave the personal touch.

Today more consumers want to pick their own price for hotels and airline tickets. They want to build there own burger. They even want to mix there own soft drinks. Finding little ways to personalize your product or service is a quick and easy way to separate yourself from your competitors. You can separate yourself by simply offering personalized products and services to your target market that your competition isn’t offering.

Shame on the business who refuses to meet the individual needs of the customer. They’ll be forced to step aside to make room for the business, product or service that meets a customers every growing personal needs.

3. Make something more convenient.

We have convenience stores, convenience foods and convenience shopping. People not only want more convenience they are starting to demand it. It’s becoming a necessity.

Another quick and easy way to grow richer when competition gets tougher is to find ways to make it more convenient for your target customers to buy, use and own your product or service than your competition.

You should always be asking yourself the following question. "How can I make it more convenient for my customer to buy, use and own my product or service?" To ignore this vital question is to leave an open door for your competition to come in and steal your customers. Never stop asking the above question.

Notice something unique about the tips you just read? The all have two magical advantages in common.

1. They cost zero to start using. You don’t need to get a bank loan or make a large down payment to do them.

2. They can be used quickly. You don’t have to do a market research study or start a customer survey campaign. But the rewards can be immediate and last for years and beyond.

Start applying them today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And remember, tougher competition is coming, will you be worried or ready?

Copyright 2005 Roy Primm

About The Author

Roy Primm has written hundreds of articles on helping people to grow richer as their competition gets tougher with niche products and services. To read more ideas go to

What It Means To Be Rich by Michael Press

Many people have a false understanding of what it actually means to be rich. If you were to ask a stranger what makes a person rich, he or she would say “A person is rich if they have a lot of money and can buy whatever they want!”. But that isn’t what it means to be rich. This is what it means when a person is rich: The person’s assets create enough cashflow every month, to cover his or her expenses. So basically being rich means that whether you work or not, money will still be flowing into your pockets.

Creating assets is the key to becoming rich. The rich have many different assets, which provide them with a monthly income. The truly rich people are those who don’t work for a paycheck because their assets provide them with a lot cashflow. So if your assets make more than enough money to cover your expenses, you’re rich. Having a large sum of money in your hands may cover your expenses for a while, but it isn’t going to last forever.

When you’re rich, you’re making your money work for you. You send your money off into bonds, stocks, businesses, gold, or real estate, so that it’ll make more money. You don’t really have a job, because you don’t need one. The rich let their money do all the work, so that they don’t have to. But many of the people who became rich weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. It takes hard work and dedication to become rich. We grew up believing that if we don’t get paid by the hour during a job, then we shouldn’t do it. The rich aren’t addicted to an hourly wage. They’ll work for hours, days, months, and years without pay in order to create their assests. Once the assets are created, little or no more work is required, and the cash just flows in.

During high school, we’re taught that you can only make a lot of money by getting a good job. Because of this, many of us become addicted to an hourly wage. When a friend or relative gets a new job, we congratulate them and then ask, “So, how much do you make an hour?”. Once in a while you may ask your boss for a raise, because you feel you work really hard and deserve it. The rich don’t ask, “How much do you make an hour?”, or, “Can I have a raise?” they ask “What’s your monthly cash flow from your assets?”, and “What’s the dividend yield on your favorite income stock?”. Many employees say “I’m going to retire with $700,000.00 in my 401K!”. The rich say “I’m going to retire with $30,000.00 a month coming from my assets”.

So it’s easy to tell when a person is rich or not. If a persons assets produce enough money every month to cover his or her expenses, then that person is rich.

About The Author

Michael Press is an investor and teenage entrepreneur. He currently owns and operates, a free website with articles about how to build wealth.

The Dangers Of Get Rich Quick Schemes -And Other Money Pits by Roy Thomsitt

It is an understandable that millions of people have ambitions, desires or passing wishes to have their own business. Let’s face it, countless millions of people are in jobs they do not really like, nor get any satisfaction from. Financially, they get by from to month to month, but cannot build up real wealth. It seems a constant strain to make ends meet; frustrations are commonplace because people have little control over their own lives, they have to live day to day in their employers’ cage; frustrated like grounded eagles with their wings clipped.

Maybe they are helping to make their employer rich, but what of themselves? Don’t we all deserve the freedom, the riches, that the owners of successful businesses enjoy?

What is easy to forget is that, usually, those business have been built with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Running a business is very hard work; running a successful business is even harder. Those who have succeeded have usually had a vision, taken calculated risks, researched, worked long hours, and have learnt from inevitable setbacks and mistakes. They have learnt about their market sector, how to run a business, marketing, finance, and the law as it affects them in their business. Although what you may now see is a big business in glossy corporate offices, you can be sure it was originally built from hard graft.

Aah, you may be thinking, that was before the internet. Anyone can do it now! Sorry to disappoint you, but having a successful internet business requires hard work too; it involves an awful lot of learning, maybe years of frustration, many a false dawn that will lift you to the sky and dump you back down on the nearest rock.

Does all that put you off having your own business? Does that all seem too much like hard work? Do you want the benefits without the hassle? Do you resent the rewards of your bosses but turn your nose up at the thought of hard work? If you answer eyes to any of those questions, then you are prime fodder for the Get Rich Quick Schemes :

Welcome To The Internet Danger Zone

Once you start turning your attention to earning money online, you will soon be bombarded with hundreds, thousands, of “opportunities”. You will see promises of millions of dollars, doubling your money every few days, turning $1000 into a $1000000 in just a couple of years; promises of thousands of people paying you $20 into your Paypal account for the rest of your life; instant businesses with no work, as someone else will be doing the work for you.

Now, stop and think about it. Be honest with yourself. How realistic are all of those claims? While each of them is possible, how sustainable are they really?

Many newcomers to the world of internet business are wary of scams, and that is good. There are scams around; many of them. But the biggest danger is not deliberate scams, but bad management. The fact is it is easy to set up a business online, which encourages people to do so who have no idea how to run a business, plan for business success, manage finances etc.

This get rich quick article was written by Roy Thomsitt, owner author of the Change Direction website.

About The Author

Roy Thomsitt is the owner and author of

A Simple Get Rich Quick Idea by Martin Thomas

In the immortal words of Emmerson, “all I need is one idea” Overnight wealth has a certain stigma that “sensible” people seem to be resistant to. The idea of the get rich quick variety is an object of ridicule and derision in alot of peoples eyes. However, with a little focused action and the right knowledge, rapid wealth is not only possible for you, but inevitable for the determined.

The first thing I want to do is qualify the above by saying “quick” means several years not overnight. Sure, you could write a hit song or contemporary book but these have alot to do with chance. People with determination generally don’t like chance because control is a solid aspect of wealth generation.

Anyone can have an idea. By that I mean virtually any idea can become workable unless its just totally “out there” What matters is that you act. But more then that, before you act, you must know how to make it work. Thats really what most people with a good idea lack.

So knowledge again is where the central workability comes from. So let me give you some knowledge right now. The knowledge of the wealthy. There are many ways to get rich very rapidly but I offer you an example below and some insights about what the wealthy know and have known for centuries.

Arbitrage is a concept that you should learn more about. Its a word that circulates in financial circles and is therefore obscured to the average person as just some odd french word that the stock market people use.

The truth is that arbitrage is the single biggest idea about wealth that you should understand. Doing an arbitrage deal is literally this……..If I offered you 70 cents for your crisp clean dollar note would you take the deal? What if you had $100,000 and I had $75,000 and I said look, let me deposit this money into your account in exchange for your money? Straight swap. How would you feel about that?

Well I imagine you’d say no. I wouldn’t blame you, its hardly a fair deal. Arbitraguers do this all day long. But this is the difference.

We deal in value and perceptions not numerical currency like cash. Or we deal wholesale and sell retail. There are hundreds of ways that I can swap my 70 cents for somebody elses dollar.

The wealthy have practiced arbitrage for as long as currency existed because arbitrage is the secret road to wealth. A secret that will never be openly talked about because it is so tightly held. My little contribution here will do nothing to change that balance, but consider yourself fortunate to learn about this and maybe it will spurr you on to a new life.

Here is a real world example of arbitrage that I practiced many years ago, when I was starting out broke, dejected, but hopeful.

It wasnt long ago but seems like centuries ago. Its pre-history now. One form of arbitrage is the concept of economies of scale. This arbitrage strategy relies on a single fact. An irrefutable reality about fiscal life on the planet earth. Here it is. When you buy something (of anything) in bulk, you are entitled to and more often then not get a very large discount on your purchase. When this bulk amount is “split up” and re-sold in traditional more popular chunks, your investment will return a decent profit.

So here is a get rich quick idea. One you can use right now to establish an income stream to replace your daily job. It can be reproduced and systemized to manufacture a very healthy income indeed.

When you look at newspaper and local journal price lists, you will notice they are very yielding to this concept of economies of scale. Simply a small ad may cost $140 for example. But buy a full page and you only pay say $900. Why? because its less work for the publication. Well my idea was to start a weekly page called “Martins Market” I approached 200 business owners face to face and told them they can get a small ad in my one page spread “Martins Market” for just $90 a full $50 cheaper then if they bought their ad from the paper directly. Do you think this offer interested a good percentage of the business owners I approached? You bet! Not only that, but they got a further discount if they paid up 6 months in advance.

I could fit 40 ads of that size onto my page. Being filled up, I made $3600 every week for an outlay of $900 for the page. I added value with nice graphics and the page got quite well recieved as my clients reported good returns from their ads. This was reproduced 20 times around the country, with 2 sales staff for every “Martins Market” I was netting close to $20,000 per week for a fairly lengthy period.

You will need a few dollars to try this, but its inevitable that if you do your research properly you can make this work and get exactly the same results.

My very best to you

Martin Thomas CEO

About The Author

Martin Thomas is a professional investor. He is CEO of a resource for the many already achieving high compounding returns. (Yes, Haydens book is available there)If you would like to learn how to start with very little and build your own money machine visit the site.

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