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Regular Brokerage Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
Advance Auto Parts AAP 31.228 $1,293.46 $51.63 AMZN 32.090 $1,248.62 $104.68
Cabela’s CAB 26.247 $447.51 ($50.39)
Carnival Cruise Lines CCL 20.643 $1,077.36 $71.09
Citigroup C 0.047 $2.21 ($0.02)
Dick’s Sporting Goods DKS 52.390 $2,034.30 $193.36
eBay EBAY 25.911 $1,070.90 $66.74
Google GOOG 0.936 $342.74 ($53.81)
US Real Estate Index IYR 36.001 $2,554.27 $219.45
Lowes LOW 24.935 $1,648.20 $152.42
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers RRGB 31.934 $1,330.37 ($143.62)
Target TGT 17.476 $954.54 $0.62
Total     $14,004.49 $612.13

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My Roth IRA Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
DJ Select Dividend Fund DVY 0.061 $3.89 $0.12
MSCI Emerging Markets Index EEM 22.120 $2,184.35 $667.53
US Real Estate Index IYR 50.957 $3,615.40 $517.92
S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Value IJS 23.909 $1,677.46 $172.75
Pengrowth Energy Trust A PGH 25.036 $598.11 $62.68
Primewest Energy PWI 20.884 $619.00 $84.75
Total     $8,698.21 $1,505.75

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Wife’s Roth IRA Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
MSCI Emerging Markets Index EEM 9.987 $986.22 ($10.79)
S&P MidCap 400/BARRA Value IJJ 14.497 $1,097.28 $94.70
US Real Estate Index IYR 32.731 $2,322.26 $300.55
Total     $4,405.76 $384.47

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Name Value
INVESCO 500 INDEX TRUST $55,121.26
Total $240,189.92

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I had seen a few little news updates about it last week, and then nothing. Did they put the trial on hold while they do something or other? I want to see Lay and Skilling rot in prison!

I was mailing a few books that I sold on She was there with her mother, or her fiance’s mother with a cart full of books that they sold on Amazon and other sites such as Abebooks and ebay. Wow! I asked how many books they had online and she guessed about 10000. I am guessing more. I have about 1100 online and don have anywhere near the turnover that I saw on the cart. Wow! I gotta list more books. I did enjoy talking books with her. But I alwats love talking about books. I got lots of them!
One of these days I need to finish my book on how to buy and sell books. I already have one book published through iUniverse, and the money I make from it is not very impressive. So I am debating about how I would publish the book on buying books. Whether I would want to go to a regular publisher, or I could publish the book online, and make money from Google Adsense and such. Or I could sell it as an ebook on ebay.

What would happen if we stopped buying oil from the Middle East? Oil seems to be the region’s main source of income. So what would a bunch of people who live in the desert do if thier money stopped coming in? Would they have food shortages? A percentage (small?) of the populations in these countries seem to be extreme whack job’s who hate the United States anyway. What would they do if now they are starving?

I was supposed to have gotten a call by close of the day yesterday from the people who administer my my Mom’s thrift plan wfor which I am the benficiary of. They never called. I called them first thing this morning, and the girl I talked to (Shea) said a manager would call me back today. She marked it urgent. I asked what I am supposed to do if they don’t call. She said thay will call. Yeah and Cindy told me Moncday that some would call me on Monday or by the end of the day of Tuesday. So why should believe Shea? If I haven’t heard back by the nedc of the day I am going to to seriously pissed off! If they don’t call me back, then tomorrow I will be calling back incessently until I get answers.

Basically I am in kind of a pissy mood today!

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