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After being online for over six months, my blog site is finally in Google! Just the homepage at this point, but it is a start! Hopefully more pages will follow!

Regular Brokerage Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
Advance Auto Parts AAP 31.228 $1,183.23 ($58.61) AMZN 23.495 $1,016.63 $269.65
Cabela’s CAB 26.247 $498.96 $1.05
Carnival Cruise Lines CCL 20.549 $1,010.60 $9.44
Citigroup C 0.047 $2.12 ($0.10)
Dick’s Sporting Goods DKS 52.390 $1,574.32 ($266.63)
eBay EBAY 25.911 $1,010.53 $6.37
US Real Estate Index IYR 8.675 $540.54 $32.82
Lowes LOW 24.887 $1,570.37 $77.54
Michaels Stores MIK 18.215 $599.46 ($146.31)
PetsMart PETM 49.012 $1,066.99 ($427.98)
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers RRGB 21.043 $943.99 ($130.02)
Target TGT 17.444 $896.45 ($55.75)
Total $11,914.18 ($688.53)

See listings at Yahoo Finance

Roth IRA Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
DJ Select Dividend Fund DVY 0.061 $3.78 $0.00
MSCI Emerging Markets Index EEM 21.882 $1,823.65 $329.76
US Real Estate Index IYR 49.780 $3,101.79 $80.38
S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Value IJS 23.788 $1,495.31 ($1.67)
Pengrowth Energy Trust A PGH 24.043 $616.70 $103.63
Primewest Energy PWI 20.100 $614.06 $103.52
Total $7,655.29 $615.62

See listings at Yahoo Finance


Name Value
INVESCO 500 INDEX TRUST $49,838.54
Total $207,654.27

See listings at Yahoo Finance

I wasn’t even aware that they were splitting! I wondered why the stock price took such a nasty dip. Apparently they split 3/2. So instead of having 20 shares, I will ahve 30 shares. Cool!

In my ongoing efforts to get indexed by Google, someone suggested that I try Google Sitemaps. I installed a plugin in for WordPress that creates a sitemap.xml file, and I submitted it to Google, so Google will now have a list of all my pages. I have also activated the Permalink option so instead of the links to pages in my blog looking dynamically created (has the little question mark and equals signs in the URL), they all look like hard coded pages. This is friendlier for the search engines. So let’s see if Google will index me. I think at least it will help me in the other search engines I get hits from. We shall see.

I got my check for $6700 for the options that I cashed, and deposited it in the bank today. Most of that will go to pay for my braces. I sent of checks to IRS and NY state for estimated taxes for 2005.*grumble* I am looking at buying a lathe. I am watching one on eBay that I am hoping to get for a reasonable price. I can use it to make some of the martial arts weapons I am working on producing. I have made a handfull, and have materials to make another small quantity. I am working on getting my shop set up better. I installed some new outlets by my work bench, and ran romex to the breaker box, but found breaker bow to be full, even though there are four unused punchouts on the front. So now I have to figure out where I want to wire it to. I am also going to build some shelving, and build a new work bench to replace a very unstable one I have in that spot. Besides the martial arts weapons, I figure I can make decorative bowls and such. I haven’t sued a lathe for years, but it was fun. And I have a backyard (1.6 acres) full of oak and maple trees. Not that I will be cuting them down, but I have branches, and trees fall during the occasional wind storms. I saw a guy selling turned bowls at a craft fair once that I believe were turned from drift wood. But in any case I plan to make money from the lathe.

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